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Knowing In Nature aims to be a platform to aide people in connecting with organisations and individuals who facilitate activities to support and care for the wellbeing  of community and Natures ecology.
We aim to inspire & motivate the human population, to walk alongside one another and work together in caring for the environment of which we live.  
We respectfully acknowledge, that we each bring valuable qualities and skills to assist in the greater good. 

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We are a majority Indigenous owned company that specialises in reconciliation. We achieve this through connection based education programs that target non-Indigenous people and Indigenous connection camps that focus on providing high quality experience for Indigenous youth.
In addition to providing school camps we also provide cultural training for organisations. Our training prepares organisations for best reconciliation practices by tailoring training to suit the organisations values and objectives.
At Indigicate our aim is to close the gap by changing a generation, creating unity between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians through the delivery and development of authentic Indigenous education sessions.


Firesticks Alliance Indigenous Corporation is an Indigenous led network and aims to re-invigorate the use of cultural burning by facilitating cultural learning pathways to fire and land management. It is an initiative for Indigenous and non- Indigenous people to look after Country, share their experiences and collectively explore ways to achieve their goals.
Firesticks is an opportunity for people to build on the knowledge they already have on Country and look for ways to make use of new technologies and understandings as a way to support cultural identity and practice. Firesticks is building a community of practice, sharing fire stories and communicating positively about the work that is undertaken and its value to people and place. Mentoring and networking through Firesticks strengthens community and Country. Implementing fire to enhance ecosystem health within culturally connected landscapes improves habitat condition and connectivity. Firesticks ultimately strives to empower Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal communities to work together towards healthy, functional and resilient landscapes.


ReForest Now is an initiative to reforest a significant portion of the rainforest in the Byron Shire and the Daintree. We are an Incorporated Association, registered with the ACNC. Our people have a background in conservation from working in; Greenpeace, Rainforest Rescue, Rainforest Trust, rainforest genetic science with SCU and as private contractors for over a decade in rainforest restoration in Northern New South Wales, and Far North Queenslan. In the last few years, we have proven that the actual costs of tree planting can be slashed to a fraction of the commercial cost with Not-For-Profit contracting, and strong support of/from volunteers. Volunteers are an essential part of what we do, we do all we can to make it all worth their while, and people are having a lot of fun with us.


That aims to re-educate both youth and adults in the traditional earth skills of all human cultures. To Perpetually reforest land with native and edible species and use these as primary resources. As a community, reintroduce humans as a positive and necessary part of the ecosystem, and to re-educate people in these living languages. Facilitate opportunities for people to engage in long-term or short-term immersions, living in this way. We are reforesting and rewilding 300 acres of land that was extensively cleared and used as part of a 25,000 acre cattle station. Native plants are the primary resource for our reforesting project. We will collect and propagate over 1000 varieties of medicinal, edible and useful native plants from within a 300km radius, including the original native cedar tree. By documenting these plants we will create a living library, combining practical and theoretical knowledge to pass on through generations.


Milan Dhiiyaan means “One Family or One Mob”.  We are referring to all of us, all of humanity, as one family on mother earth.  Milan Dhiiyaan provides Aboriginal cultural immersion experiences for both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people of our Australian and global community.


Taking things right back to basics, we teach the skills necessary to go into the wilderness and draw all of our needs from nature. By directly engaging in nature for our very survival we make it relevant to us. This inspires a passion within us to learn more. Through a deeper understanding of the natural world we can gain a sense of our place within it and can develop a very real sense of belonging.