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Yugal is a Gamilaroi  word that translates as “Song”

Within every thing, there is a Song. There is a rhythm, a sound, a felt and measurable Resonance…… to experience this; we need only listen.

Through out the years I have explored the sounds within myself, some of these sounds have been captured as expressions in the form of song.

Each song is a co-ordination of colour; some of these colours’ are emotional, thought felt, visceral,  visionary, inherited, heart felt, innocent, earthy, physical and spacial……

For me, the songs have been my initiation into the deeper expressions of myself, revealing my vulnerabilities, my fears, my visions, dreams and ultimately my Freedom.

Through these creative forces;  I experiencenainiouman alchemy, the challenges faced become nourishing, kinda like a rich compost that gives life to the ever blooming garden of my life! 

Please feel welcome to listen and experience the songs, each has its own journey to offer and will speak to you;  according to where you are listening from within yourself…..


 click on the images to listen to original music!

             Seeds                        Stay True               Mother Mother

seeds   a4070199602_16   a1246947868_2

      The Calling             The Rivers Song        Sacred Woman

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Stay tuned, as new music emerges!…….